Striking Ideas For Easy Video Marketing

video-marketingVideo Marketing is huge and in 2014 it’s getting even more vital to use videos to connect with your potential customers, show them your products, Introduce them to online business etc.

It’s vital, but definitely not that easy to shoot viral videos, so I have gathered together some revolutionary tips to ease up your video marketing campaigns as well as make them much more efficient.

Let’s dive right into the minds of the experts in the video marketing field where I got these ideas from:

Chris Garrett, owner of the well-known blog gives us the number one tip when it comes to making your video marketing campaigns easier and it is to…

1 Start shooting videos right now – There is no better time to see if video works for you than know. Chris says he wished he had started a lot sooner if he knew the audience wasn’t that critical, and it was not needed to be an expert in producing and acting to shoot awesome videos.

He’s more than right… you have to be a bit of an actor to make amusing videos, but this does not have to stop you from starting out. Everybody sucks in the beginning, even professional actors need to take many shots to get a scene filmed right, so dive into it right now.

You can get camtasia for free any time you want from us… just contact us and we’ll give you the guide to install it free instead of spending 300 dollars.

2 Use Google Search stories if you are shy – This one is actually really awesome… if you are shy and not ready to stand in front of the camera, or you are shy about your accent etc, you can use Google Search stories to show people your best online properties by simply searching for them…

Here’s a cool example of people using google search for their needs and their story… you can shoot the same cool videos by showing your viewers your search results and stories about them…


3 Find your company’s best cheerleader – or in other words if you don’t have a smile for everybody, find somebody around you that does and likes being in front of the camera…

When you start your video people hunt you will see there will be many candidates.

4 Start Publishing Regularly – Lewis Howes jumps in here ti give you one of the most important advice, which is to shoot videos on a regular basis, even if they are not the best, or edited professionally…

they will become such with time. Video marketing is like everything else in business – you have to be consistent.

5 Be Transparent and Authentic – This advice right here doesn’t even need any discussing… I’ll just add you have to be always who you are in anything you do, no matter business or offline activities.

There are always people who will need exactly your videos, even when you are not perfect.

6 Include other People – David Garland’s number one tip for easy video marketing is to include other people in your videos any way you can. Then they become powerful and you connect with your audience on a higher level.

Take a look at this video:


You realize it is powerful because this guy refers to all men out there in an extraordinary way by hypothetically including them in the ad. That’s power… and you can see that from the video view count.

What are some ways you can implement the power of others?

Try shout-outs in your videos to other people. A little love. People love hearing about themselves (we all have a little ego, right?).

Interviews are another great way to bring others into your videos. Remember, the more interesting and unique your interview is, the more likely your guest will share it with his or her community (especially if your subject is interviewed often)

7 Create compelling content collaboratively

8 Use Trade Shows And Events to Interview Industry experts – This is the main reason you should go to events – to create awesome interview videos everybody wants to watch… plus when you make an interview with someone who matter, your viewers will enjoy it and remember you as the guy who knows people.

9 Create Video Tutorials – This is a great way for you to be found online and seen as authority… when you learn something new, tell others in a video. There will be someone searching for your thing.

10 Demonstrate how to use your product – Tell people about your product and the best way to use it. This way you promote it and help people by educating them.

11 Use Video To Respond To Your Customers – when people create videos about your product (whether to highlight your product or criticize it) it’s a good idea to video respond back to them. This way you will show them you care, and follow people’s feedbacks.

12 Tap Into The Power Of the Masses – do this by creating video contests. The are a very powerful method to not only market your business, but make money as well.

Not only is the contest format a great way to get UGC (user-generated content), it’s also a great way to make the campaign social as participants share submissions they like and then vote for the winner.

13 Create a series of videos – You know what will happen when you do this right…? yeah you guessed – your viewers will be eager to see the next part… and then the next one.

14 Make your videos personal – It’s a really great idea to make your videos personal. Look directly into the lens and talk to your viewers as they are in the same room with you. Again you don’t have to make the video perfect, as a matter of fact – it doesn’t have to be perfect, but real and personal.

15 Get Inspired And find interesting video topics – use Google suggest tool, or you tube search or just subscribe to all the top blogs and you tube channels in your niche to always have what to talk about.

16 Use You tube Annotations – Use YouTube Annotations to direct traffic to other videos, your YouTube channel or a call to action to subscribe to your channel.

This is also very helpful if you made a popular video that now has out-of-date information. Just add an annotation to direct viewers to the new, updated video without losing any of your visibility.

17 Follow Up – For any new tool or strategy you test as part of your social media marketing campaign, there is no better way to learn from the experience than through follow-up. Rather than doing all the hard work getting your video made and promoting it, and thinking the journey is over, taking action after posting your video online will give you an idea of the reception it is getting, and whether the venture has been successful.

Try these ways of following up your video campaign:

– Monitor comments and then reply. Develop a conversation about your brand, your industry, your team and your products, as well as the video specifically.

– Measure the statistics. If your video includes links to your website, or a call to action for viewers, monitor the increase of sales, website visits or blog subscribers you receive.

– Answer questions. If viewers want to debate the topic you discuss in your video, or ask for more information, allow them to continue the conversation with you.

– Take feedback on board. Listen to what industry leaders, customers and your own staff say about your video, and make notes to use next time.
Try again. Using the information you gain, develop a more successful plan for next time.

18 Optimize your Videos For SEO – you know You Tube is also a search engine in addition to video platforms. You should allow The search engine to find your videos by naming them right and putting the proper keywords in the description.

You can also use a video sitemap… the same like a XML sitemap, only for videos.


Let’s wrap it up here and say one time video marketing is the ultimate way to increase your presence online. You don;t have to be perfect, as this is not an audition for best actor… you just have to be yourself and find interesting topics to talk about.


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