Awesome Ideas How To Use Visuals In Your Social Media Marketing

Visuals in your social media marketing = major exposure, more shares, more likes and better recognition. It is a well know fact people prefer seeing pics, rather than long posts, no matter how cool those posts are.

This article will show you 16 ways to use visuals in your social media marketing

#1: Add Text to Your Photos

Adding text to your photos will help your message spread faster and easier, plus you will get more mileage from your photos.

People share texted photos a lot more often than just regular such.


For the best free photo editor go to #4

#2: Break Through the Clutter

Nobody likes those long 3 000 word posts when they are all text. Even if they are the most awesome, it just gets boring reading them. That’s why it is a good idea to break through the clutter posting images here and there among all the text.


Consider varying the types of content you share on your social channels and be sure to include photos and other forms of visual content to keep your readers interested.

#3: Create a Collage

Collages are the ultimate weapon in picture marketing. In stead of just posting one amazing picture at a time, why not combining all great photos you have into a collage. It sure will work better since you have several great posts to expose to people.

Here are some instructions for how to make a collage with PicMonkey and other free collage-making tools.


Collages communicate a number of brand messages and offer a simple yet effective way to engage users. Think about your different social media outlets and see if there are places where a collage would work well for you.

#4: Desktop Photo Editors

Although there are many photo editors for Mac and PC, I will point you to the one I believe is super easy to use and is the way better option for quick photo editing –

It is easy, free and will get the job done really fast.

#5: Encourage People to Share Photos With Your Business

One cool way to do this is to make contest and add submitting photos as an art of it. People love sharing cool photos and when you bring a prize to the process you will surely increase shares.


Contests help businesses reach out to their users in a creative way, while at the same time making it possible to gather a large crowdsourced photo library of images related to your products.

#6: Facebook Covers

This one is pretty evident. Facebook covers are a very productive way to promote your business. The cover photos for Facebook give you a lot of real estate (specifically 851 x 315 px) to demonstrate visually what your business is about. There are a number of great resources to help you create cool Facebook cover photos.


Starbucks’ Facebook cover photo.

It’s pretty good idea to create your own personal Facebook cover and change it periodically, so people could have what new to come back to your profile for.

#7: Generate Leads With Facebook Photos

Companies are finding that they can generate more followers and leads by posting a high percentage of photos on social sites.

Some of the brands with largest followings on Facebook have posted an impressive number of timeline photos; for example, Coca Cola 6,459 photos, Oreo 2,359 and Red Bull 5,299. And consider these Facebook facts, “Photos get 7 times more likes and 10 times more shares than links.”


Getting leads through posting cool photos is a nice way to expand your business… the best way it works is when you take the picture viewers to some relevant to the picture blog post, or video and then give them the chance to optin.

#8: How-to Images

How-to images are a great way to make your readers’ life easier. You can show them a step by step guide on how to carry out specific tasks.


Users respond well when you show how to carry out a task that may otherwise seem complex to them, even with simple screenshots.

#9: Infographics

Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly (from Wikipedia). Users love them and they’re shared often on social sites.

There are a number of tools to help you create your own infographic.


Of course, yours may not be as intricate as the one above of the Metrorail, but taking a number of facts from a few studies and showing them visually may help to effectively communicate information and capture the attention of a user who may otherwise not have the time to read long reports

#10: Just the Facts


#11: Lettered Quotes


This type of image can help communicate a lot of information; for example, who you are, the benefits of your products and services, mission statements and how prospects can reach you

#12: Notetaking Visually

Wesley Fryer describes visual notetaking as a “process of representing ideas non-linguistically… visual notetaking can include concept mapping, but also more artistic ways of visually capturing and representing ideas.” Image below from Leo Babauta.


Some people learn better visually than through the written word. When done well, visual notetaking is an effective communication tool and can also be a fun resource to take users on a journey with you.

#13: Reviews as Images

This is the review Our Facebook page – Wealth Community  got:

Ain’t that powerful? I believe you see the importance and high-efficiency of posting reviews as images.

As long as it is an image it will have more power than just a regular review. People would share, like and comment on it much more.

#14: Try to Make Your Visual’s Filename a Good Description of the Subject Matter


#15: Word Photos


Carefully selected photos and words are a win-win—communicating visually and with words all at the same time.

#16: Your Big Moments


You know what this would do for you right? Posting your big moments photos will help you spread the word about your achievements… and it was Donald Trump who said: “if you don’t announce your achievements, who’s gonna know about them?”

The use of visuals will definitely increase your social media marketing achievements, as it is mostly about hanging out. When people go to a place to just hang out it is an awesome idea to give them some visuals to read, share and like.

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