How To Build An Email Marketing Empire By Leveraging The 20 Most Clickable Email Subject Lines


I already told you how to write emails that sell... and there's nothing more satisfying than writing a little email sitting in your chair and making tons of cash off of it.Believe me, this has got to be the coolest way to make money online. Not only is it that, but it's also the ONLY way to get serious wit online marketing. I know you have already heard the saying: 'if you ain't building a list, you ain't building a business', but it's … [Read more...]

It Did What? How Sugar Affects The Brain And Why It Is And Good And Bad


I know this doesn't have to do much with internet marketing or making money online, yet I think this video is so cool everybody should watch it... which is why I posted it here. This video alone could change your your whole life, it's just a few facts about sugar and how it affects the brain that we must know to look and feel awesome, and you know what is on the inside determines what will be on the outside...or something like that LOL, … [Read more...]

How to Optimize Conversions: Techniques to Boost Conversion Rate Your Teachers Couldn’t Tell You


You've been wanting this for a long time, this is the infographic that will show you how to optimize conversions and get more leads, produce more sales, or get more sign ups. I don't usually like statistics that much (here's why), yet when it comes to conversions they are kinda vital.And since I don't measure things that closely (I only care about the money in my bank) I wanted to share with you Neil's infographic how to boost your … [Read more...]

What The Beatles Could Learn From Serial Entrepreneurs


This is one infographic I just love. Anna Vital made it and I wanted to share it so you could see how the richest people on Earth(some of them) have managed to become such. Well, as the infographic shows it's not just focus, but also trying and trying until success is reached.I hope you like it, if so, share it with more people as I believe this is one piece of art everybody who wants to make it happen should see. … [Read more...]

30 Things That Will Make You A Successful Person


You know, about a year ago when I decided to open the news section on our blog I was thinking about gathering all marketing awesomeness at one place and make it easy for you to find it... later on I stared stumbling upon amazing articles like the one you are about to read and said to myself: "I have to publish whatever is cool online on here... or my readers will be missing out big time"Of course I don't want you to miss such cool write ups … [Read more...]

16 Awesome Marketing Quotes From Don Draper (infographic)


This infographic is possibly the most impressive piece of content I have stumbled upon this year. It's so cool I will not talk any more but let you take a look at it right away...My personal favorite out of all 16 awesome marketing quotes is:"But what is happiness? It's a moment before you need more happiness."Don Draper Moments of Marketing Wisdom by Glow New Media … [Read more...]

Conan Takes On Bitcoin – Try Not To Laugh


This is possibly the funniest video definition of Bitcoin... and it's actually quite true, well more true than most blog reviews we've seen out there. Try not to fall off the chair laughing, or hold on tight to whatever you can LOL.To tell you the truth ever since Bitcoin started changing value in minutes going up to $1 200 for a single Bitcoin I knew something bad was going to happen... a few months after, MTgox(one of the top Bitcoin … [Read more...]

5 Things Really Cool People Do


You feel charisma the moment it enters the room. It's not just that someone is likable. Charismatic people draw attention. They automatically energize you and motivate you to step up, to take action. What is it about them? All in all, they are certainly likable, but it's more than that. Are they born charismatic, or do they learn how to be that way? It's probably a little of both. But either way, charismatic people inspire us and get us … [Read more...]

30 Things You Need To Stop Wasting Time On


Ok, It's about time to stop wasting time on useless activities and dumb stuff... I know, I know you are trying hard to organize your time, yet the modern world is fast paced and time often seems to slip by with us barely noticing. This is exactly why I decided to write this article that will hopefully help you cut the wasting at least a bit. Let's not waste any more time and start right with the list:1. Putting Makeup on for the gym and … [Read more...]